Be a Safer Driver in 2018!

Each time you choose to drive your automobile you are behind the wheel of a potential killing machine. Given that you are unable to reliably manage the behavior of other drivers when traveling, you must be confident you have the ability to trust your own driving abilities to maintain your safety. Whether you have actually been driving for 10 months or as many years, there are always areas of potential improvement. Begin 2018 off correctly by discovering a couple of safety tips that will improve your chances of arriving at your destinations unscathed.

Tips for becoming a Safer Driver

NEVER Drive when Intoxicated or Overtired

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Maintain alertness — Not driving while exhausted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is the most effective step you can take to ensure your safety on the road, and the safety of others of course.

It’s imperative that any time you are operating your vehicle, you are alert and paying attention to everything around you. If impaired in any way, either by lack of sleep (recognized by experts as an even worse condition than being intoxicated) or from having indulged in intoxicating impairments, your reactions could be potentially slower than they need to be to ensure you can stop quick enough if something unexpected happens.

Be well rested and sober any time you drive. Even on long trips, be sure to build time into your travel schedule to get plenty of sleep.

Buckle Your Seat belt!

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Your safety belt will save your life if you let it.

Under Texas law, the vehicle driver as well as all passengers are mandated to secure their seat belt when the vehicle is in motion. 4,200 lives would be saved annually if the United States populace all used their safety belt appropriately. Researchers have revealed that safety belts could decrease injury and fatality rates by half. It’s the one of the simplest things you can do to be a safer driver in 2018.

Eliminate Distractions as much as Possible

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You can Focus on the Road better with Less Distractions

Put away your cell phone and make it known you don’t pick up or respond to texts while driving. Texting while driving is among the leading contributors to accident occurrences. You understand that keeping your eyes on the road while driving is critical, so why would it ever be acceptable to text while driving? If you’re distracted, whether by texting or with something else, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to maintain complete control of your vehicle, particularly if a dangerous situation arises. When driving, operating your vehicle should be your primary focus, the rest can wait.

Be Aware of Your Weather

Practice appropriate driving techniques for your particular weather conditions.

High winds with icy roads is a dangerous combination and requires specific skills to navigate successfully. Weather can often hamper your visibility or create hazardous road conditions, however your safety can be somewhat assured if you exercise caution and prepare yourself accordingly.

In Texas, weather conditions could transform rapidly — so it’s a good idea to be prepared for a variety of potential conditions. Keep your trunk supplied with emergency supplies, just in case, and make sure you have the right tires for your road conditions. Also, do some research into your particular region, what to expect, what you can do to be more prepared, and stock your vehicle accordingly. A good universal tool is kitty litter, believe it or not. It can be put in place to help with traction in a variety of challenging situations.

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Use Your Blinkers and Mirrors

Rear-view and side mirrors, along with turn signals, are two of the best and simplest tools you can employ to ensure safe driving.

Continuously scanning your mirrors to maintain awareness of traffic around you is an excellent habit to foster. Mirrors are particularly effective for changing lanes or merging into traffic or onto highways, however ensuring you know what’s coming up behind you will allow you to avoid potentially dangerous situations more effectively, as you’ll be familiar with your current traffic landscape.

Your directional signals facilitate communication with the drivers around you, allowing you to make them aware of your plan to change lanes, pull over, make a turn, or exit the highway. It’s important your behavior is predictable and there are no surprises offered that might put you in danger.

Observe Posted Speeds

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Resist the urge to drive like you don’t care.

There isn’t a driver among us that hasn’t had one of those sunny days where the weather is perfect, the music is light, and the road ahead is just too fun to drive. Keep in mind though, that not only are speeding tickets expensive, you’re also risking your hard-earned safety for a few minutes of spontaneity. The faster you’re going, the more expensive the ticket, and the less control you have of your vehicle.

It should go without saying, but NEVER EVER exceed reduced speed areas, like school zones. They’re reduced for a reason, high foot traffic or limited visibility, among others.

Keep up Regular Maintenance

Follow your maintenance schedule and keep your car running safely.

Nash’s Automotive’s technicians can perform your standard maintenance and ensure your tires, lights, brakes, fluids, and more are sufficient to keep your car running smoothly.  Be sure to bring it in for extra check ups if any dash lights, like your check engine light, illuminate. Having it dealt with immediately will prevent any challenges from becoming more complicated.

It is particularly vital to make certain your brakes are operating effectively. Stopping is a big deal and you want to make sure you can do that, whenever you need to.  Besides, letting them wear down beyond recommended levels can result in more costly repairs, so don’t put it off.

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